December 7, 1941

Strange and sad as it is, we who weren't alive when Pearl Harbor was attacked know something of what it must have been like; except to us, it was more than a distant report over the radio, leaving us apprehensive about what might be happening. We had the entire thing front-and-center, with questions being invented, asked, and answered before we could ask them ourselves.

Looking back on Pearl Harbor, those of you who remember that day, remember too that we won. Sure, it cost us plenty of blood and treasure, but we won. AND the Empire of Japan is now officially… Japan: a trust ally and trading partner.

We have no particular country to defeat and declare victory over the enemy who struck us on September 11, 2001 and would strike us again. It was several nations, several groups. Afghanistan didn't strike us on that day, but they were one of the homes to those who did and would do so again. Iraq didn't strike us on that day, but they were on of the homes to those who would if allowed to gain the opportunity.

I hope that in 60 years, someone can look back on September 11 and say what I said about December 7: It hurt, but we won. And I pray that they to not have to discuss their own day which lives in infamy.



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