Clinton's book in bootleg

Bill Clinton's self-celebratory tome My Life are being pirated in Asia, with really shoddy versions selling for a fraction with Clinton getting nothing from it:
And the chronic misspellings, cheap materials and smudgy ink that mark the knock-offs commonly found in Asia are the least of the problem. Mr. Clinton's carefully chosen words have been murdered by additions and deletions wholly out of keeping with the original. Copies available in China have Mr. Clinton serially quoting Mao and extolling the feng shui of his hometown in Arkansas.
Oh, you gotta love that.

Tech Central Station, from where the story linked above originates, opines:
Its work lends the gravitas of a former U.S. president to the agenda of profit-oriented Third World drug companies that see a get-rich-quick opportunity in knocking off Western medicines. And, not unlike the warped version of "My Life" now being sold to the Chinese, many of those drugs have both disrespected the rights of the original producers of the medicine and been proven inferior products. Recently, several of the knock-off medicines were recalled by the WHO's prequalification board because they couldn't be shown to be equivalent of the drugs from which they were copied.
So true.

[HT, Perry Peterson at Cave News and Views.]



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