Bush's Mohammed bio banned

The scholarly work The Life of Mohammed; Founder of the Religion of Islam, and of the Empire of the Saracens was published in 1830 and it might be banned in Egypt today. It was written by the Reverend George Bush, a no-no name in the Islamic world.

Something called al-Azhar, Cairo's center of Islamic learning, has decided that the scholar/author was the President's ancestort, and they recommended to the Egyptian government that the book be banned. The London-based Arabic rag al-Hayat has determined that the two were related, despite the lack of any genealogical evidence, so there you have it.



FYI--Al-Azhar univ. is not just any center of Islamic learning. It's considered by much of the (mainly sunni) Islamic world to be the equivlent of an Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard (e.g. high, high, high level) type of "scholarly" institution, primarilly when it comes to religious worship/research/study/edicts.

That being said, the reasoning coming out of Al-Azhar isn't always the most coherent or logical...

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