Bill Frist on ABC's This Week

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George Stephanopoulos seemed agitated this morning when he spoke to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tennessee). Talking about the 9-11 Commission bill stopped in the House, he noted: "We started four months ago… when the 9-11 Commission report came out." And it's been non-stop since, etc. Frist says something will pass by the 12th. Steph asks how this is possible when Sensenbrenner and Hunter won't budge and Senator Susie Collins (R-Maine) has slammed her fists on the dais and warned that there will be no changes to the bill as now before the House. Frist said that it was not just Hunter and Sensenbrenner: "A lot of people have questions."

He said that he is "going to be reaching" across to the Dems a lot this Congress. "This is a different congress," he said: no reelecting the President, big projects in the works.

With Social Security, he said they have to "do it right… our promise to the next generation." Those lofty terms soar over reason. He spoke of "unfunded liability." Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Steph invoked, had said that it was insane to borrow money to pay for the transition to private accounts. Frist said that it was not. Steph likened it to borrowing the money from your Visa card for the down payment on your mortgage. Frist replied that "we have overpromised to the tune of $10.4-trillion."

Judicial filibusters. Frist assured that "we're going to go back to the way it's been for 215-years," which is no filibusters on judicial nominees. He said he's first going to go to Harry Reid and others and "plead for the stability that I've talked about." Then, "it's up to them." But he is going to eliminate the judicial filibusters of recent invention and return to the way it had been for over two centuries.

Steph talked about an abstinence program which taught that HIV could be transmitted through tears and sweat. Steph demanded that Frist, "as a physician," refute this as bad science. The Senator acknowledged: "It would be very hard." He did not tell Steph that it was impossible.

I'll have a bit on Joe Biden's appearance on TW later this afternoon. My presence, such as it is, is currently required elsewhere.



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