The "Armor Question" Editor Speaks Out

Edward Lee Pitts, the military affairs reporter for the Chattanooga Times Free Press, fed a National Guard soldier a question from the late Kerry campaign to ask Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld this week in Kuwait. This bit of Kerry detritus would not have been mentioned had the reporter not interfered. He created the story for a partisan purpose. Last evening, I said: "If I were the kid's editor, I'd reassign him. If I were the paper's publisher, I would fire both him and the editor."

The editor has spoken:
"In hindsight, information on how the question was framed should have been included in Thursday's story in the Times Free Press. It was not," the paper's publisher and executive editor, Tom Griscom, said in a note to readers published Friday.

[ . . . ]
In commending Pitts' work, Griscom, who served as White House communications director under President Reagan, said Pitts "used what was available to him to get an answer to a story that we have covered and that has been important."
The story was covered in the election; their candidate mentioned it.

Pitts's partisan exuberance has made him at least a temporary disgrace.



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