Annan promises U.N. help if absolutely necessary

Kofi Annan was in Washington Thursday, where he met with Colin Powell and Condi Rice. He was snubbed by President Bush, but promised he was not offended.

On Oil for Food, Kofi declared: "We must get to the bottom of these allegations."

The U.N. has promised 25 election monitors for Iraq's November elections, which I'd haphazardly guess is probably enough for about 5 Baghdad precincts. He said he will expand U.N. support for the elections if he really has to. From BBC:
This sentiment was reiterated on Thursday when a White House spokesman said "we encourage them [the UN] to continue to expand their presence in Iraq".

But Mr Annan told reporters following his meeting with Mr Powell on Thursday that "from a technical point of view, we have done all that we need to do".

"We have enough people in there to do the work," he said.

He conceded that "if need be", more staff would go in, but insisted: "We are doing the job".
It seems the U.N. is not good for much at all.



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