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A seemingly harried George Stephanopoulos had as his guest on ABC's This Week White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, who let us know that he "serves at the pleasure of the President"

President Bush is once again TIME Magazine's Person of the Year, and Steph spoke to someone from the mag about this. The guy from TIME indicated that some within the magazine had wanted the President to share the award with Karl Rove.. The decision was taken to ward the President alone, he said, because the President defined the election and could have won without Rove, while Rove could have lost with someone else.

Steph did not like this and wanted the award to have been given to both the President and his political advisor. Card said that President Bush "doesn't focus on who's the person of the year in one magazine or the other."

Steph demanded to know why the President could have been considered Man of the year. Card went down a detailed list of accomplishment, and Steph began his attack on the Iraq war: "You can't say that the war has been one."

Card: "The war has been won, but the opportunity for democracy is still being fought."

Steph: "HOW CAN YOU SAY THE WAR HAS BEEN WON ?!?" Everybody's dying and it is a nasty mess that will be the end of us all.

Card calmly explained that things were bad in place, but that the overall progress has been tremendous. "Things are not as pessimistic as the media's always showing it."

Steph attacked Secretary Rumsfeld. Card responded: "Secretary Rumsfeld is doing a terrific job of waging."

Steph brought up the attacks of McCain, Hagel, Collins, and Lott and suggested that Congress now hated Rumsfeld. Card responded: "Secretary Rumsfeld has a good relationship with Congress."

Steph brought up Bernie Kerik. Card responded that "Bernie Kerikā€¦ did not understand the nature of the scrutiny" he would receive. Steph wanted to know why the White House vetting process had failed so miserably. Card said that when Kerik saw the scrutiny and knew he couldn't survive, he withdrew his nomination.

Steph began the attack on the President's plan for Social Security. Why no details? Card explained that the President has "defined the challenge," set the goals, now he wants to sit down in a bi-partisan manner, "without that fear of touching the third-rail," and discuss it. Steph wasn't buying it and demanded specifics.

Steph's boss, President Clinton also received TIME's award twice, in '92 and '98, though he shared his second award with Ken Starr. Bush has won the award twice outright, and could match FDR if he wins another one. Wippeeee.

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