AFTER-WORD – Wednesday, December 8, 2004

  • At Camp Buehring in Kuwait, some National Guard soldiers asked Secretary of State Don Rumsfeld about protective gar. During the late Presidential campaign, the Democrat nominee harped frequently about the lack of body armor in Iraq.

    Rumsfeld said, in part: "It's a matter of production and the capability of doing it."

    The sound bite line: "As you know, you have to go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want."

    He said that body armor was not the cure-all. It's not.

    It was a question -- maybe genuine, and It's not for me to say – and it was an answer.

    Chris Dodd would have had something to say no matter what that answer was.

  • The President has signed a waiver bypassing regulations and sending $20-million to the Palestinians to pay their electric bill. It's money owed to the Israelis, so that eases that possible snare. The Administration had initially wanted the aid to go for elections, according to a report, but some objections were raised: What would the Palestinians really do with the money? Arafat's gone, but might the Yasser-lites, if such they be, give some more cash to Hamas and Islamic Jihad?

    Let's get them a government with which the civilized world can deal, and by that I mean only a duly elected government that plays by the same rules of civilization as every other respectable nation.

  • It turns out that jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti will back off his threat to run for the leader's post of the Palestinian Authority if Mahmoud Abbas/Abu Mazen agrees to his terms, including a demand for East Jerusalem as capitol of a future Palestinian state.

    Barghouti is a cult hero amongst the Palestinian hordes, but he is seen as certain to botch the peace process if elected.

  • 'T is indeed the season. James Jewell (Rooftop Blog) has an excellent checklist of things to do before you act on your wonderful Christmas generosity. Following them will help you be sure that your contributions go where you really want them to go.

  • I'm listening to the internet audio stream from NRK Alltids Klassisk out of Norway. A few years ago, I had an e-mail conversation with a fellow named Erik Bolstad who worked for the NRK system in Norway. No, he didn't get to vote for King Harald, but he was okay with that.


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