• The United States has forgiven about $4.1-billion in debt owed it by Iraq. Iraqi Finance Minister Adil Abdul al-Mahdi signed the agreement at the State Department with Secretaries Colin Powell (State) and John Snow (Treasury). Powell urged other Paris Club members to keep their promises and relieve Iraq's debt. The club agreed to 80-percent, but the U.S. stepped beyond that and forgave them every cent in what al-Mahid called "our second liberation after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein."."

  • Michael Gerson, President Bush's head speechwriter, has successfully undergone angioplasty to open two arteries. Stents.

  • The British paper Independent has revealed that Rummy has been excoriated for his answer to the body armor question in Kuwait )asked by a National Guardsman who was given the question by a reporter who got it from the Kerry campaign).
    The remark was "very troubling", said Senator Susan Collins of Maine, adding her voice to those of John McCain, Chuck Nagel and Trent Lott, the former Senate majority leader.
    There is no Senator Chuck Nagel, and he forgot Norm Coleman. (I'm purposely not mentioning Evan Bayh, another who mouthed-off recently, as he's not a Republican.)

    The paper adds another name to the list: "William Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard, the neo-conservatives' house magazine." I haven't heard what Kristol said, but the paper asserted that he joined "at least four senior Republican senators" in calling for Rumsfeld's dismissal. Not one of the Senators, except for perhaps Susie, has called for Rumsfeld to step down.

  • I'm listening to Darius Milhaud, a 20th century French composer who kept a better tune than did Schoenberg.


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