AFTER-WORD – Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm still waiting on Omar to create my database, which is due by tomorrow night at 7p. (That's the end of the 24-48 he gave me.) I suspect I'll have to contact him with the digital Ouija. Once I get the database, I'll have to install. After that…

Well, I've been able to blog surreptitiously with Wordpress. My brother had a mySQL database laying around, and he installed the software in his space. We've been having fun with that, and I can at least get started getting things together. A fellow blogger friend has given me the name of someone to contact who knows his Wordpress.

When I get to the new digs, and it looks like next week 'til that happens, I'll write an obituary for my blogger days, but I will compose it entirely in anagrams.



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