AFTER-WORD – Tuesday, December 07, 2004

  • Hillary Clinton has been selected to sit on the Senate Committee on Aging. Ms. Clinton was 45 when her husband became President; she has since turned 57.

  • Her husband Bill stands nominated for a Grammy Award for his reading his tome My Life into a tape recorder. He's already won a Grammy for a version of Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf he did with Mikhail Gorbachev and Sophia Loren.

    I'm not making this stuff up.

  • While we're on the subject of former President Clinton, Baltimore Sun columnist Gregory Kane writes about who might head the NAACP after Kweisi Mfume's resignation takes effect as the year ends. One of the names being thrown around, he reports, is Clintons:
    Before you bring up the matter of Clinton's race - the claim that he is America's "first black president" notwithstanding - remember that the NAACP was founded as a multiracial organization in 1909. Its first executive secretary was white. The NAACP didn't get a black executive secretary until Johnson assumed the position in 1920.

    Still, you have to figure that, with the organization facing an Internal Revenue Service audit, having a horny guy at the helm is not what the NAACP needs. Sorry, Bubba.
    In case anyone is worried about anything, Mr. Kane is a black American.

  • I'll turn from past presidents to current ones; namely, President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan. He was sworn in Tuesday in the graveyard of a million foreign invaders, the land of bloody warlords where even the Bamiyan Buddhas didn't stand a chance against a one-eyed mullah with Soviet shrapnel lodged in his brain.

    Karzai looks like a man for his time. I'll admit that several years ago, I was pulling for General Dostum, the Whiskey-drinking Uzbek warlord, but I guess Afghanistan has to go forward with a more peaceful, cerebral sort.

  • I'm listening to a CD with three Brahms violin sonatas (Pearlman-Ashkenazy), ponderous music, contemplating the New York Times piece concerning the classified CIA cable; you know the one, everyone's going to die in Iraq because nothing is going our way. That paper should never have seen that doc, and I'm afraid it's time for someone to take over the CIA and shake that rat's nest around, letting the loose pieces fall to the floor.

    Enter Porter Goss.

    What they need to shore up the "politics, economics[,] and security" – about which the classified cable leaked to the Times reportedly fretted, is a legitimate, elected government. The insurgency will not survive long when the enemy is no longer the United States, but clearly their brothers and sisters.


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