AFTER-WORD – Thursday, December 9, 2004

  • Outgoing U.N. Ambassador John Danforth, speaking for the White House and the State Department, announced Thursday: "We are expressing confidence in the secretary-general [Kofi Annan] and his continuing in office." He asserted that no one had questioned Annan's personal integrity.

    Contrary to some MSM suggestions, that was not the Bush Administrations comment on the Oil for Food operation. They're simply saying that Kofi Annan seems okay to them.

  • Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are criticizing a "totally unjustified and very, very wasteful" (Rockefeller) AND "Democrat of Oregon, later called it "unnecessary, ineffective, over budget and too expensive" intelligence program, but neither they nor anyone else will say exactly what that program is. The New York Times has a bunch of experts trying to guess. When they settle on a likely answer, they'll probably print it and attribute to a "senior intelligence source."

  • I'm going to announce it tomorrow, but I've got a writer on the RSN site who you might really like. His name is Jim McCaffrey, and I encountered him when he subscribed to the Rightsided Newsletter. He's great writer, and he's been composing these Notes From a Padded Cell -- his thoughts about this and that in the news -- for a while now. He's letting me put them on the site for you all to read.

    Check it out HERE.

  • Mozart tonight. This is a CD I bought very early in my "experiment" with classical music: Music from "Amadeus". It is a collection of movements from five of us compositions, stuff from the movie.

    Tomorrow's another day.


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