AFTER-WORD – Sunday, December 19, 2004

  • Here's a piece about a public opinion survey in which the President rates lower than his father in categories such as honest and trustworthy, likeable, and understands the issues.

    The public will romanticize past Presidents, especially when they remain vigorous and look good in the public eye. The public will be overly critical of the current President, assigning immediate problems to him.

    Either way, the poll was devised by a… Clymer.

  • I've a term for what Sec Def Donald Rumsfeld was expressing with his mechanized signatures affixed to soldiers' death notices: auto-sympathy. He's a busy man with a skillion crucial responsibilities, but the soldiers must be first.

    I don't see this as "another example of…" or "proof that…" blah, blah, but he should have signed those important letters.

  • I'm listening to Christmas Music on Classical 103.5. This is magic stuff, but it is 8º outside and I must walk out to the garage to unplug the Christmas lights.

    Hey, 't is the season.


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