AFTER-WORD – Saturday, December 18, 2004

  • Out of Oregon (Blue State), the Eugene Register-Guardian editorializes that the United States' growing budget deficit is caused not by "government entitlement programs," namely Social Security and Medicare; rather, they opine, the problem is the President's tax cuts. They are, and here the magazine borrows the words of the lefty Brookings Institution, "simply not affordable."

    But the spending is.

    This must be a frightening way to feel. We know it is tragic.

  • When I was a young teen and the Pittsburgh Steelers were on their way to winning their third and fourth Super Bowls of the decade, there was a little lyric in the air: "I've got a fee-eee-ling, Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl. This won't be the last time, Pittsburgh's going to the Superbowl." (Is the Pennsylvania city the only one which ends its "burg" with an "h"?)

    It was 33-30 over Eli Manning and the Giants this afternoon.

    I can sense a certain legitimacy to this team which I have not sensed from anyone on the football field since Joe Montana led the San Francisco 49ers. (I haven't seen it on the diamond since the '98 Yankees, but that's another story.)

    I just hope they don't play that awful Freddie Mercury song.

  • I'm listening to a composer named Hans Erich Pfizner. The CD arrived in the mail this afternoon, and it's an opera called Palestrina, after a splendid medieval composer who died, it is rumored, in 1594. He wrote a famous Mass to 4th century Pope Saint Marcellus.


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