AFTER-WORD: Of Blogs, Bloggers, and Blogging

When I was a blog reader, part of me envied the news/political blogger. These were people who thought enough to jot down what they knew and what they damn well thought of it. In my head, I had the image of this person, the blogger, thinking: "This is what I want to say. If you don't like it, read somewhere else. Pick your poison, New York Times or Newsmax.com. But they don't know what I do."

There is something to be said for blogs, bloggers, and blogging. And though I'm sure many will disagree, I do not think that innate importance of a blog or blogger is related to number of comments, hit count, or spot in the ecosystem. And the three do not interrelate. There are a lot of blogs I consider to be important, and it might be interesting to ask these bloggers why they blog. In many cases, it's because you've something to say, or it is cathartic, or some combination of the two. I know it has been a long time since I've considered why I blog, but I know why I read blogs: learning stuff, whether it is a fact or an opinion. They're both valuable.

One blog I have been reading almost daily for the past several months is Cave News and Views, put together by a retired auditor/tax accountant named Perry Peterson. I don't know him; I picked his blog off the Homespun Bloggers blogroll, below right. It's a case of "I know what I like for when I like it." I like his attitude and outlook.

Which brings us to the Wizbang Awards. There were some tough calls, especially "Best Conservative." If I recall, that one had LaShawn, Outside the Beltway, Right Wing News, Professor Bainbridge, and Captain Ed. Okay. (I won't disclose my tiebreaker, but it's very chivalrous.)

I liked the ecosystem-based awards, because there are great blogs at each of the levels, each with different strengths and weaknesses. And the awards pages gave me a chance to research a few blogs.

Okay, fifteen months of blogging, what's the deal? I'm having fun. I have met some great people and had some excellent experiences. It's an opportunity to write 1,500-2,500 words/day on what's on my mind and what I personally think should be on yours. Or you tell me. It's like our grandparents would have told us had they known: "There's a whole blogosphere outside your window."

I've been writing about politics for 20 years, including my current Rightsided Newsletter project. I was a political science major at PSU. I know what I know, if you know what I mean.

If you want to go stats and that, I'm pleased with my hit count. In the ecosystem, I am a Playful Primate. The comment this blog generates? If I were an equestrian, I'd now plead: "A COMMENT! A COMMENT! MY HORSE FOR A COMMENT!"

But thank you for allowing me this entirely self-indulgent post.

I'm listening to Mozart, and they are showing the 1925 version of Phantom of the Opera on TCM tonight. My wife and I watch the Silent film each Sunday night, but this one is not in the spirit of Christmastide AND I have it on DVD. We'll watch some Chaplin shorts instead.


PS – I've a story about Alaska, the Supreme Court, submerged islands, and State sovereignty. I'll get with that tomorrow.



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