AFTER-WORD – Monday, December 13, 2004

  • The press has only begun to investigate Kerik-gate. Led by the NYC media, they seem to have taken a solemn oath to uncover what a foul and reprobate person Bernard Kerik really is, and how his mere nomination is grounds for impeachment of President George W. Bush.

    The new line is that the Administration is lax in vetting nominees. The vetting process worked, Kerik withdrew his nomination, and our nation was never at risk of having a Secretary of Homeland Security who had not paid taxes on an illegal nanny, might have screwed around on his wife, and whatever other things they'll uncover in this endless and pointless investigation into the bowels of Kerik-gate. The Senate is supposed to stop bum nominees from confirmation as it is anyway.

    But what did the President know and when?

    The MSM are an irksome lot. I never knew my skin could crawl this much, post Niger-gate. The campaign is over, and their boy lost.

  • The TV jury recommended to the judge that Scott Peterson be hung by the neck until dead for the murder of his wife and son. It wasn't that bad. They've sentenced him to appeal while dating on death row awaiting a poke with the lethal needle.

    May God have mercy on his soul.

  • You ought to check out this post on Iraq the Model. Ali returns fire in what looks like a Iraqi blogwar, which mirrors the ongoing one here in the States but is, by virtue of where it is and who is conducting it, somewhat more authentic.

  • I listened to Christmas music today, much of it from Classical 103.5. I spun some Liszt earlier, for no particular seasonal reason, and called my father. He has just returned from Salzburg, Austria – the birthplace of Mozart – from a shopping vacation with a friend. He's in good spirits, which is a fine thing.


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