AFTER-WORD – Friday, December 10, 2004

  • Bernard Kerik has withdrawn his name from consideration as Secretary of Homeland Security. Nanny trouble.

    I've been pulling for Joe Lieberman all along, but he might also be a fit at the new Mega-Intelligence Agency.

    Please don't let it be Tom Kean.

  • Erick Erickson's been hot today, suggesting that the Republicans ought to vote for the nuclear option now, as there can be little doubt that the Dems will roll it out when or if they ever have the opportunity to replay their majority tyranny.

    He also suggests that by purging his cabinet of potential '08 nominees, he's left the GOP farm team weak at the cabinet level when it was already weakened at the State level with so many potential stars off to DC.

  • And Eric Lindholm has been all over the matter of Social Security of late. And, for good measure, he takes a shot at Krugman.

  • 'T is the season. I am listening to Christmas music on Classical 103.5 out of Washington. (Visit their web site if you'd like to listen to the signal.)

    There's no Burl Ives or Kenny Rogers, and few of the songs deal with snowmen and reindeer and elves. I like the festive, seasonal stuff when I am in, say, a grocery store, but here at home, I like the genuine Christmas music about the genuine Christ.

  • The one thing I don't like about syndicating the site is that a post will go to my reader/aggregator after I put it live; if I see that I have to add an apostrophe and I do, it goes to the reader again looking identical except for the apostrophe. How many people are going to notice that vrs. how many will think I'm either bored or drunk? (For the record, I do not drink and something inevitably amuses me.)

    Yes, I pick up my own feed, but that's only so I know how it looks. I also get the Instapundit feed, which is a perfectly fine feed indeed. I've noticed that Professor Reynold's has been nominated for just about every award reckonable, for all of which he is grateful to have been nominated.

    I bet if he were to read a book into a tape recorder, he could be nominated for a Grammy. It's worked twice for a former President, anyway. In fact, I just might do it. My wife wants me to do Part I of William of Okham's Summa Logicae. If we were to add bells and cymbals, it just might work.


    I'm not sure Lieberman would want to give yet another spot in the Senate to the Republicans. I believe CT has a Republican governor.

    By Blogger Jeremy Pierce, at December 11, 2004 at 9:57 PM  

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