Zarqawi told to Surrender

The Khaleej Times Online, out of the U.A.E., is reporting that a court in Jordan has given Abu Musab Zarqawi and three other $25-million men (for the price on their heads) ten days to surrender or be tried in absentia for plotting a chemical attack while on Jordanian soil. Jordan has nine mutants from an organization called Kataeb al-Tawhid who have confessed to the conspiracy with Zarqawi and the others.

If they do not surrender in ten days, there property will be confiscated. The KTO, linked above, reports that it will be seized by the Jordanian government. The Zaman Daily out of Turkey reports that the property will be confiscated by "the US administration."

I don't know what sort of property we're talking about here or if they are planning a subsequent "shareef's sale."


In the meantime, Zarqawi is whining because the Iraq clerics won't play his mutant jihad game.



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