Who won New Mexico?

Evidently, we still don't know. The latest count has the President beating the overall loser by about 8,000 votes out of 750,000 cast, but then the offices of the sec. of state said the President's lead had shrunken to about 6,800 votes. (Provisional ballots.)

They'll let us know, the promise, on November 23: three weeks after the General Election.

If Kerry win's, he will get 5 Electoral votes and a pat on the back. Then I think his wife should purchase the place. (I've a cousin in New Mexico, but I haven't seen him since 2001.)



And I read this blog every day from the Land of Enchantment. (New Mexico's nickname for those who don't know) The liberal wackos I see every day while attendinf U of NM Law School are in need of therapy after the Kerry loss. NM's Gov is a former Clinton hack and the Sec of State R. Vigil-Goron are both in the tank for Dems, more so than usual. They want to delegitimize Bush's victory if they can....Brian at Tomfoolery

By Blogger Brian, at November 13, 2004 at 2:29 PM  

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