Who will be the next Dan Rather?

Okay, hopefully there will not be a next Dan Rather. Certainly his replacement, if any, will be as liberal if not moreso, but I doubt CBS News will make the mistake of hiring a man who will say in the job past the point where his mind begins to addle and his venom gushes into his reporting.

CBS News could close its doors, but that won't happen. It's a mark of network pride, having a news division, kind of like a city having a major league sports franchise. They could drop the evening news, which would be a good thought. Then again, there is still a sizable viewership who schedule their evenings around news at 6:30p.

If CBS wants to compete, they have to change the rules. They cannot touch ABC and NBC in the formal, stuffy newscast business. So, new direction. I mentioned this in passing in September: the execs should offer Shep Smith $20-million/year and go off in a 21st century direction. We know Smith is loyal to the FOX News Channel, but we also know that he would be insane if he turned down an offer like that.

Smith does not try to be Cronkite, Huntley, Brinkley, or Murrow; Rather, Jennings, Brokaw all strive to be what went before them. Smith is his own model. He might be the only one who could save network news.



I find Shep Smith very easy to listen too, but he's very much a New York liberal. Absent the "fair and balanced" handcuffs he wears now, I'm certain he would merely pick up where Rather left off. Since the entire radical leftist support structure of Viacom would be operating to enhance his leftist leanings, the path of least resistence would be "Rather 2".

I don't know that SeeBS's downward spiral can be reversed, but Shep wouldn't be the one to reverse it.

By Blogger David L, at November 24, 2004 at 6:03 PM  

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