Voter Suppression

This election is over.

I was able, however, to uncover an instance of voter suppression here in Pennsylvania involving my sister. She had voted in the morning, and a young co-worker was considering casting her own vote after work. My sister asked the girl for whom she would be voting, and the reply was: "Probably Kerry." That's the candidate whom her young husband supported.

My sister calmly explained that the lines would be long and the girl ought not to bother voting.

It explained that this was voter suppression, and that I was very proud of her.

She then told me that she angered a friend a few weeks ago by kicking her Kerry/Edwards lawn sign out of the ground. I remarked that I'd hope she had damaged it, and my sister proudly told me that she, in fact, had.

The President lost Pennsylvania, possibly by the margin of Governor Rendell's dead Philadelphia friends, but not for lack of effort by brave voters like my sister.

[NOTE: Though the above is true, I present it for amusement only. I do not advocate this, that, and the other.]

According to the Washington Post, the President is not going to wait for JF to concede.


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