Uniting America

Both President Bush and JF Kerry have spoken about uniting America after the election. John McCain, on CBS's Fact the Nation, said that his hope for post-election America is unity; Bob Schiefer noted and Joe Biden grunted their assent.

The answer, as I see it, comes from Don Boudreaux at Café Hayek:
[W]ith government now in the business of taxing the alleged rich for the alleged benefit of the alleged poor – of using subsidies and tariffs to force some citizens to pay excessively high prices for goods and services produced by other citizens – of supplying formal education in an ever-more centralized and bureaucratized fashion – of deciding which health-care products Americans are legally allowed to use – in short, with government firmly in the business of forcing some people to pay for favors politically supplied to other people, as well as in the business of playing nanny to hundreds of millions of adults, any hope of being united in a genuine way is lost.
President Bush correctly observes that freedom will destroy terrorism; likewise, liberty will promote genuine unity. Remove the chains.



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