Ukraine: Yanukovych Wins!

The Ukrainian Electoral Commission has confirmed that Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych has defeated Viktor Yushchenko to become he next president of that former Soviet republic. Yanukovych has a certification from the official board and a congratulatory phone call from KGB Vlad, president of the former Soviet republic of Russia.

Yushchenko's supporters, egged on by US and EU allegations of fraud, are protesting in the streets of Kiev.

If I would have been old enough and in Kansas City at the time, I would have taken to the streets after President Ford defeated Governor Reagan for the 1976 Presidential nomination.

The EU is upset that the Ukraine didn't wait to announce a winner until they gave the go-ahead. Secretary of State Colin Powell thinks the Russians are behind a fraud, having had their guy elected: "If the Ukrainian government does not act immediately and responsibly there will be consequences for our relationship." The concern is that Russia wants another set of colonies, like the Soviets had in the day but without the tanks.



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