Thune and Obama on This Week

Incoming freshman Senators John Thune (R-South Dakota) and Barak Obama (D-Illinois) were Steph's second set of guests on ABC's This Week, and it was a very civil affair. Obama reminded us again that he received 71-percent of the vote.

Thune said he was "troubled" by Senator Arlen Specter's warning to the President. He suggested that it was possible to change the Senate GOP's rules to modify that automatic chairmanship to the Senator with the most seniority, but he neither advocated nor endorsed doing this in the case of Specter and the Judiciary Committee.

Obama said that Focus on the Family's James Dobson's "language" earlier on TW (see below) was "unfortunate." He smoothly said, "We're going through a cultural transition," which could have meant any of a number of things. The country's culture has remained the same and is not transitioning into anything.

Thune said that his opponent, outgoing defeated Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, lost the election because he was forced by his position to push the agenda of the national Democrats, which was out of touch with South Dakotans.

When asked on what he could work with the President, Obama mentioned tax reform. He agrees with the President that the code should be simplified. He also noted that the President had called him with congratulations.

Obama added that the war in Iraq is now "an American war," no longer "George Bush's war." It must be treated as such. Earlier, though, on NBC's Meet the Press, he had said that the war was wrong and poorly planned and fought, and that the Democrats should have done a better job separating it from the war on terror.

Barak Obama spoke against the war before he spoke for it, just in one morning.



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