Susie Collins and Duncan Hunter

From the draft of today's RSN. Duncan Hunter and Suzie Collins are guests on FOX News Sunday:
Maine's moderate Republican Senator Susie Collins shared the set with one of the opponents of the 9-11 Commission Bill, Representative Duncan Hunter (R-California). Hunter explained his opposition: "You have to keep that tight, close-knit relationship between the war fighters and the people who run the satellites… literally the eyes and ears" of our troops. His argument is that if the military needs a satellite somewhere for a reason, it is dangerous to make the orders to have it position travel through channels of bureaucratic approval.

Collins shot back that Hunter was wrong, because the Commander in Chief supports the bill and the Commander in Chief would never support a bill which endangered our troops. She asserted that Secretary of State Colin Powell had stated that the 9-11 Commission Bill would "improve battlefield intelligence."

Hunter argued that it was important to keep a chain of command in deploying these satellites. Such military decisions, he argued, should not be subject to "indecision" and "bureaucracy." Collins countered that they would not be, because, again, the President would not support the bill if it would be that way.

That's a logical fallacy. Something cannot be something else merely because an "authority" claims that is is.



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