The Sun has Set

The sun has set on Election Day in the ETime zone.

  • My wife noted that their were plenty off poll watchers in Florida and Ohio. Because of his girth, she added, Michael Moore was calling several precincts.

  • Someone from the county GOP called me a half an hour ago to remind me to vote. I had voted this morning, but it seems my name was not crossed off their list. They would have driven me if I needed a ride.

    I hope county's around the country are doing this. Especially in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

  • On ESPN, former basketball star (76'ers) Charles Barkley told a guy in an Uncle Sam suit that he voted for JF Kerry, and if Kerry doesn't win, he will run for governor of Alabama. (That election will be in 2006.) He said that he is very serious about this. Yikes!


    ADDENDUM: After dinner, another member of the local GOP establishment called and demanded that my wife and I vote for President Bush. It was a good idea, but it should have gone without saying that they would do it wrong.


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