Specter and Bork on Hannity

I turned on my AM radio this afternoon, and I heard radio talker Sean Hannity preparing to interview Arlen Specter about his recent warning to the President not to nominate pro-life judges.

It was the standard Specter pabulum, he had voted for all of President Bush's nominees, the people criticizing him were the same out-of-Staters who tried to beat him during his latest primary election, and defending Clarence Thomas in '91 almost cost him his reelection the next year. All three points are false, except that most of those struggling to keep him from the Judiciary Committee's chairmanship are from outside of Pennsylvania. (That is primarily due to the statistical accident that, numerically, more people live outside the Commonwealth than in it.)

Specter also had a few ungracious statements to make about Judge Robert Bork, depicting him as far outside the evolution of Constitutional thought, or some such construction.

Judge Bork's son was listening and called to give his father the opportunity to refute Specter, which he did. Bork got on the line and talked about Specter and liberal Republicans, Constitutional though and Specter's prevarications.

Although it was never stated, I came way with the conviction that Judge Bork was less than impressed with Specter's intellect.

Specter will be chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and I think it would be a bad precedent for the Senate to let anyone else influence its rules. That being said, one bad move by Specter as chairman could prompt an insurrection of sorts inside the body, so he probably won't have the carte blanche of which he'd been dreaming.



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