Snarlin' Arlen in Trouble

Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote by secret ballot to select their next chairman, which by traditional seniority would be Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pennsylvania). Specter's post-election Kerry-like remarks in support of Roe v. Wade warning the President not to send "controversial" pro-life nominees to the Senate for confirmation have created a bit of a backlash against the man whom colleagues have nicknamed "Snarlin' Alen."

According to The Hill, Wednesday:
“I think there will be votes against him with a secret ballot,” said an aide to a Republican member of the committee. “The key is whether any Judiciary members lobby senators to vote against him prior to the conference vote.”

The aide added, “Specter not the right person for the position. Specter has shown he’s not a team player.”
Specter is also on the wrong side of one of the President's pet issues: tort reform.



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