Smiley to Quit NPR

One of NPR's few "superstars," Tavis Smiley, has decided that the December 16 edition of The Tavis Smiley show will be his last. NPR had promised him that his show would be part of an effort to reach out to a younger, more ethnically diverse audience, and, he said, "NPR has simply failed to meaningfully reach out" to the people he likes.

Split infinitive aside, Smiley was (is?) considered a rising-star of the hard left who was able to get away with some serious race-baiting. Part of me liked the man, because he seemed very serious about what he said. And he also sounded as if he wanted to hurt someone real bad.

Smiley didn't say what he'll do next, but I first noticed him on B.E.T., and he does do a talk show for PBS. Maybe he could do an afternoon show for the habitually angry.



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