Rehnquist Watch

He's working from home, and we know very little about Chief Justice Rehnquist's actual condition, but there are three things (count 'em) upcoming which should give us a clue:
  • The return of the court, which next hears arguments on Nov. 29.

  • The annual court Christmas party on Dec. 17, an event Rehnquist relishes.

  • President Bush's inauguration on Jan. 20. The chief justice normally swears in the president. Bush could choose another justice or other government official.
  • Now, the Court will function without a Chief, with the only Constitutionally assigned duty being presiding over impeachment. The Dems are far too few in number to impeach President Bush for Abu Ghraib, which was said to be what the Dems were going to start in January. (Is Abu Ghraib a high crime or misdemeanor, such as perjury and obstruction of justice?)



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