Redefining the Democrats

"We are moderate, DAMMIT!!!"

We've seen the DLC, the PPI, and the NDN try to redefine the Democrat Party as the party of moderation, and it just doesn't work. Too many in the party have already espoused it as the party of gun bans, the welfare state, and abortion on demand.

Destined for failure is a new group, Third Way. The Washington Post writes about them:
The group plans polling to help Democrats find more effective political language to advertise their policies, similar to the way Republicans embraced the phrase "death tax" to describe the estate tax.
Message to the Dems: Don't try this stuff at home.



Form over substance. Image beats reality. Ideological purity over results.

Sigh... Is it any wonder the Democratic party is the favored vehicle of trial attornies and entertainers?

By Blogger David L, at November 11, 2004 at 1:45 PM  

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