Good morning!

  • President Bush received more popular votes than any Presidential candidate in U.S. history yesterday. He has done something Bill Clinton never did: won more than 50-percent of the popular vote. The President and his agenda have been granted a mandate by the American voters.

    Bush – 58-millions votes, 51%
    Kerry- 54.6-million votes, 48%

    That is a mandate.

  • Kerry's Ohio bid is an errant tilt at a moving windmill. Iowa is a "problem," and State officials have said that there will be a recount, but Ohio and its 20 Electoral Votes is the real issue. The Kerry campaign is holding on – Edwards: "We will fight for every vote!" – but it's over. The President led in the State by about 145,000 votes with around 190,000 left.

  • There will be time to pontificate about healing the nation, etc., later today.

  • After a quarter century in national politics, voters in South Dakota have given outgoing Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle the boot; though it was their boot, Senator-elect John Thune was wearing it. The Sioux Falls Argus Leader had Thune up by 9,000 votes with 99% of precincts reporting, for a 51% to 49% lead.

    Will whip Harry Reid of Nevada be the new minority leader? That's nobody's business but the Senate Dems. I like to see them, in desperation, select Hillary to reminisce about days-gone-by.

  • JF Kerry will win a gold star and acclamation in this space if he yields to the will of the voters and lets this thing pass this morning. It would be the mark of a statesman, granting him the first distinguishing moment of his long political career. (Comparisons to Dick Nixon in 1960 are not appropriate, because the election was close back then. This time, it's not.)


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