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  • Monday. There is that bit about three shots in Dallas, one of which bullets was magic says Arlen. That was 41-years ago today. My parents, not yet my parents, would wed almost exactly a month later, so that let's you know that I was nothing more than a vague, someday idea at that point.

    If America changed that day, many of us get to read about the other side in the history books.

  • USA Today complains that conservative groups are acting as if they played a major role in reelecting the President and creating Republican gains nationwide. There's the bit about allowing insurance companies not to cover abortions, castrating Specter, and the latest on the intell bill.

    This does not mean we don't have to fight the Pelosis and their MSM cohorts, such as Susan Page. (She wrote the USA Today piece, otherwise I'd leave her alone.)

  • Something which strangely failed to factor. New Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is a pro-life Mormon. He has voted for banning partial birth abortion, for keeping the ban on military abortion, for maintaining the ban on military bases overseas, etc. He does support experiments on human embryonic stem cells, but some pro-lifers are very muddy on that one.

    The chances of Reid changing his positions to meet his new Democrat constituency are, in my estimation, ZERO.

    The Dems have a pro-life leader.

    {According to this story from the Washington Times, Reid is also "anti-gun control.")


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