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  • The leadership of the Washington-based Leadership Conference on Civil Rights – an umbrella organization for such "civil rights" groups – has written to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch and his deputy, Democrat Pat Leahy, demanding that they rake Attorney General-designate Alberto Gonzalez over the coals for his role in torture at Guantanamo Bay, at his confirmation hearings. (Such "torture" has been condemned by the International Committee of the Red Cross.)

    Gonzalez, who will be our nation's first Hispanic Attorney General, was also examined by Latino groups belonging to the Conference:
    Notably absent was the largest Latino organization, the National Council of La Raza, which praised Gonzales and raised no objections to his nomination when it was announced.

    The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, an influential California group that has called for close scrutiny of Gonzales, also did not sign the letter.
    They evidently recognize the ground being broken by the Bush Administration and Mr. Gonzalez and its import to their cause. And Gonzalez's qualifications.

    Unlike certain black groups with Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, these two Hispanic groups are not invoking hateful caricatures to characterize the nominee.

  • The International Atomic Energy Agency of Mohammed El Baradei has given Iran its approval for continuing to do what it has been doing all along. If that is developing nuclear weapons, so be it.

    The IAEA passed a resolution Monday thanking Iran for promising not to make nukes. This is what Iran agreed – with France, Germany, and the U.K. – to do in exchange for goodies.

    Accepting the mullahs at their word. Is this being done to spite President Bush and the Americans? These are awfully high stakes for a game of political "nyaaah, nyaaah, nyaag,"

  • From this morning's Spam: "I am Prince ELVIS GEORGE DICKSON the son of late Chief MAXWELL HARRY DICKSON who works with Fernandez diamond mining company as a sales manager." Elvis wants me to help him with some Middle Eastern gold.

  • This may be TMI, but in a sign that blogging is becoming second nature, I am typing this in my pajamas. Also, later this week, I will join some friends in guest-blogging for a friend who will be A.F.K. at a DC conference. More on that when it's in stone.


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