Good morning!

  • I'm listening to NPR's Morning Edition, and they spoke to a voter in Istanbul, Andrew Finkel -- a journalist, who voted twice: once with an absentee ballot the other with another kind. A "federal ballot," with which one can vote only for the Presidential candidate. He assured the audience that one ballot would cancel out the other, so that only one would be counted.

    He wrote up the difficult procedure which he endured for the Washington Post (published Sunday).

    Every vote counts, right? That's two votes for JF Kerry, or perhaps no votes at all.

  • I'll be voting with my wife for the 20th time since we've met. As I do every Presidential election, and this will our 5th, I will wear by Reagan for Governor pin. Symbolism. And speaking of which, my wife wants to vote at 8:30a, because "that's when our President is voting." (Symbolism knows no time zones.)

  • More symbolism, thsi time of the "first in the nation" variety.

    They've voted at midnight in Dixville Notch, New Hamphire. The President snagged 19 votes and JF got 7 votes.

    In another New Hampshire town, Hart's Location, they split 16 for the Prez, 14 for JF, and one blessed soul voted for Ralph.

    These are just people who enjoy the tradition of being the first places in the nation to vote. They base it on a 1948 New Hampshire election law which allows communities to close their polls early if everyone registered has voted.


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