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  • Bob Novak asks this morning if JF Kerry, qua Kerry, is relevant to the campaign. He spends four days on al Qaqaa and moves nowhere. It seems that no matter what he says…

  • The New York Times yesterday paraded a few experts yesterday to argue though the President will win the 34 electoral votes of Texas (up from 32), it will not be by as much as he won the State in 2000.

    Is this a sign of the end times for the Bush Administration? Is this a glimmer of hope for a Kerry campaign which has operated, in a sense, without a candidate?

    Or is it the New York Times

  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chieftain Mohamed ElBaradei, a man of questionable cred, has declared has declared that "absolutely not," his agency did not time its Al-Qaqaa report to influence the U.S. Presidential election.

    This story comes from FOX News, so I bet this was FOX reporter Jonathon Hunt following ElBaradei down the street with a microphone shouting questions, as is his wont, and receiving grunts in response.

  • A reader named Gary and I are discussing Osama bin Laden's importance to the current state of global terrorism and JF Kerry's intellect in the comments section of a post below.

    Some pre-election sport for both of us.


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