PRE-FACE – Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Good morning.
  • Democracy's sore thumb. Libertarian Party President candidate Michael Badnarik and Greenie David Cobb have joined forces and sued the State of Ohio for a recount of the ballots cast in the State on November 2. They say that they're not interested in overturning the result (Bush won); rather, they insist that they want to have investigated claims of irregularities and that a recount will ensure accuracy.

    The motive? It sounds like they are just trying to make noise, to be noticed by causing trouble. It's unfortunate.

  • The federal government now calls towns too small to be considered cities but too urban to be rural, "micropolitan." It's an official, government word, so I have added it to my Word dictionary.

    Between this and "exurbs," I'm beginning to regret that we let government's bureaucratic yuppies play with our language. Then again, as always with our federal government, we did not let them do anything.

  • When Representative Jane Harman claimed on FOX News Sunday that Sec Def Don Rumsfeld had fought to kill the 9-11 Commission Intelligence Bill, the DOD issued a statement denying it before the TV program had ended. Yesterday, Rumsfeld clarified: "I support the president's position and it's one that's evolving as those complex details are being worked out." Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska), though, demanded that the President lean on Pentagon, waste his political capital on a rushed-through, bad bill essentially crafted by an unelected, ostensibly partisan commission.

    Hagel has spent the last year or so seemingly trying to make a McCain-like name for himself in order to seek the GOP Presidential nomination in four years. Like McCain, he's pariah-tizing himself.s


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