PRE-FACE - Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Good morning!

The Dems did lunch yesterday in DC , vowing essentially to snipe and make life difficult for Republicans. Nancy Pelosi said they were saving civilization and quipped that Bush "won't be able to blame anyone, because the Republicans have full control."

Chuck Rangel declared that Democrats were "the party of moral values" because they do not cut taxes on the wealthy and run deficits.

Yeah, that's what the voters in the exit polls meant.

Again, this is what a party out of power does to give it enough zest to go on living.

  • The Supreme Court, with Chief Justice Rehnquist writing, decided Tuesday in Bailey v. United States that drunken driving was not a "crime violence" warranting deportation for illegals caught doing so. The government argued that the defendant had a gun in a bag in his trunk.

  • Linc Chafee has declared that he will remain a Republican despite President Bush's electoral victory. He decided to stick around, he said, because Senate Majority Whip Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and a key White House staff member called him to beg.

    "They value the voice I bring," claimed Chafee. The truth is, no they don't. They value the warm body with an R on the lapel pin. Same with Specter. Chafee has to know this, and he also knows the special kind of power he can wield by occasionally threatening to bolt. Jim Jeffords is living proof of how fast one's stock falls when he does jump.


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