PRE-FACE – Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Good morning!
  • Guns, guns, guns. A Laotian immigrant named Chai Vang slaughtered five hunters ostensibly over a deer stand which wasn't his, and the AP reports that he "open[ed] fire… with a semiautomatic assault rifle." I do not use the term "assault rifle" myself, as it is a misnomer. An RSN reader with an extensive professional history with guns (gunsmith, 60-years) tells me that there is no such thing as a "semiautomatic," either.

    Well, the gun industry advertises them, anyway.

  • When Terence McAuliffe is gone, who will run the DNC? Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and former Labor Secretary (*Clinton) Alexis Herman have announced that they don't want to be considered. There is told of former Clinton boy Harold Ickes, Simon Rosenberg of New Democratic Network, former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, and others. Howard Dean is actively campaigning for the job. It's not a job one should actively seek; rather, one should be asked to help out the party. It's not an elected political office.

    But would Dean put a nifty face on the Democrats?

  • They're "scaring people" again, as the MSM is wont to complain in such circumstances. The Department of Homeland Security has released a set of commercials urging parents to discuss disaster plans with their children.

    There will not doubt be duct tape jokes soon coming from the corps of the press.


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