PRE-FACE – Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Good morning!

  • According to the Washington Post, JF Kerry is "fired-up" and plans to use the long list of supporters gleaned from the campaign to become, in the description of Bob Shrum, "active and vocal" in the Democrat Party.

    Kerry can never be a distinguished legislator or an articulate spokesman, so methinks we're talking fundraiser.

  • AP reports that Howard Dean will attempt to become the next chairman of the DNC. The zombies on his web site's blog threw that out as a possibility after he was forced from the race last February.

    He'll succeed only if the Party feels it is near collapse. He'll bring in some remaining, energetic Deaniac-types, but he would alienate most other Dems. We don't know about his fundraising in a party setting, and he most certainly isn't a plausible person let alone a competent person.

  • In certain segments of the blogosphere, they are discussing whether or not the President should push the Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman. The answer is not complicated.

    From a political standpoint, he has to; it is something he promised. It's a losing proposition, though, so he need not worry about it passing; any major expenditure of "political capital" would be ridiculous.

    It's a game of placation. He assuredly received at least some votes from people concerned about this issue – discard the exit polls, for God's sake! – so he is obligated to keep his word.

    And if this Amendment somehow managed to pass both houses of Congress and three-quarters of State legislatures, it is not going to kill the Republic. It could actually help the GOP in the long run.


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