PRE-FACE – Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • The Washington Post has found a PowerMoneyLine study which it says shows that 9 out of 10 corporate PACS contributed more money to the GOP than to the Dems. Actually, the study was limited to the 268 corporate PACS which contributed $100,000 or more. This has been a trend, they report, since the corporate PACS were more bipartisan in their giving over a decade ago.

    The study shows that the GOP is more likely to pass legislation which is helpful to the business and economic climates in America, and that the Democrats are more likely to sponsor legislation which would negatively impact or bankrupt these companies, such as that proposed and pushed by the special interest PACS which this study did not cover and which contribute overwhelmingly to Democrat candidates.

  • The White House says that when President Bush and his family enjoy their Thanksgiving meal today, they will be eating leftovers from the turkey-and-stuffing lunch they enjoyed Wednesday with Spanish King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

  • Thanks.


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