PRE-FACE – Thursday, November 18, 2004

  • We still do not know who will be the next governor of the great State of Washington, Republican Dino Rossi or Christine Gregoire the Dem. Ross won the first count by 261 votes out of nearly 2-million cast. Automatically, there will be a recount.

    I almost envy Washingtonians their political drama.

  • Not only does the Bill Clinton Memorial and Amusement Park reject an objective treatment of that President's impeachment, the chief curator (Clinton) has refused to display the ex-President in a photograph in which he has those bags under his eyes.

    We are, I assume, to forgive him a little vanity. The nation has forgiven him much worse.

  • The network consortium that handled exit polling thinks it has found a way to prevent the mishap of this past election, and the several before that, when the exit polling data proved to be almost 100% wrong: they will delay giving it to the networks. This means that the bloggers cannot get it and repeat it as fact, minimizing the explosion in the faces of the networks if it again proves to be faulty.

    If I'm still doing this in four years, however, I will again ignore the polling data no matter when it is leaked/released. It might be an interesting thing about which to talk, to that extent, but it is prima facie useless otherwise.


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