PRE-FACE – Thursday, November 11, 2004

  • The Washington Times runs a piece this morning dealing with how bloggers "are filling the Internet with head-turning allegations" about how President Bush stole this recent election. I haven't seen this phenomenon on any of the blogs I read, but perhaps the less credible ones are running with it, and the Post is using their cognitive laziness and paranoia to fuel their own mission of discredit bloggers in general.

    I'll look into this stealing elections bit and get back to you. I promise.

  • I heard author Tom Wolfe, age 73, on NPR's All Things Considered Wednesday, discussing his new novel with an NPR reporter. It is evidently set in a university where the students go about getting drunk and having intercourse.

    He tried to make it au courante, he said, so he sprinkled it with hip curse words and such which he believed today's college students were using. His near-college age daughters read it and corrected him on several things, one of which was that the name of Jesus Christ was no longer used as an oath at our better universities. His explanation was obvious: the students from these upper-echelon schools tended to be the scions of wealthy and well-educated families who had long since stopped believing in Jesus Christ as a deity.

    Wolfe seems to be attempting to create an artificial societal schism. One side contains the progeny of wealth and education and the Europeans; the other, the dumb American masses. The collective "masses" is important, because it denotes a mob with no individuals with particular thought processis. There is a certain self-loathing to such a mindset, manifest in an attempted claim to superiority born of a willing refusal to accept that which surpasses understanding.

  • That being said, we were told last night that Yasser Arafat is dead, which means that he died at some point several days ago; perhaps when he wife was ranting about the old man going for walks and such.

    My wife was unhappy to learn of his demise, as it came at a point in a CSI New York show when they were explaining the crime and the forensics, at 5 'til 11. She cursed CBS News and exclaimed that only Dan Rather would be so oafish as to botch the ending of a series television show which basically pays his salary and "runs his so-called 'news' outfit."

    I'm waiting for Rather to pick up on the election scandal: "Tonight, no less an authority than Daily Kos has concluded that George W. Bush…"

    The universe will have come full circle.


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