• 'T is the shopping season. The grocery store is in a shopping plaza, so Black Friday has essentially meant that we're having leftovers tonight. Of course, this being the day after Thanksgiving, nothing's new about that.

  • Another problem: We have dozens of disgruntled CIA bosses who have either quit or been told that they were no longer wanted. These people know lots of classified stuff, might want some cash to make up for lost wages, and can write books. On the upside, perhaps we'll find out who really shot JFK. On the downside, we will have as many answers as we have disgruntled former agents.

  • Washington Post reports that Congress, which they derisively remind us is "Republican-controlled," is moving to cut hundreds of million dollars in U.S. aid to countries who refuse to sign Article 98 agreements pledging not to turn U.S. citizens over to the World Court for prosecution. The article goes on to detail some of the aid projects jeopardized.

    The article is a tacit Op/Ed endorsement of international government. Found, of course, on a news page.


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