PRE-FACE – Sunday, November 7, 2004

Good morning!

  • The Democrats were thoroughly rejected last Tuesday, and the New York Times quotes elder-statesman Fritz: "We really need to work on the question of what we are for." Right, but I am not being facetious when I point out that they should have done that work before they selected a nominee this year. They have to work on their nominating process, because in a normal year – when things were not so rushed – they would never have selected the blank slate dud we've known as John Kerry. That this moral vacuum was a major party nominee speaks miles about one of the major parties.

    The Democrats need to choose what they are going to be next time, latch onto a John Edwards if they want to go the populist route, and maybe they could bring back Shrum for a candidate with whom he might be able to win. (Shum's populist style did not work with Kerry, so Bob was taken from his element.)

    Depending on how they behave themselves in the interim, they may have another shot at it in 2008.

  • Israel Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has decided that P.L.O. leader Yasser Arafat will be buried in Gaza, not on the Temple Mount. (This was never really a question.)

    Some have previously questioned whether Osama bin Laden was alive. Some have questioned whether Abu Musab al Zarqawi is alive. Although the question is different by circumstance, I wonder if Arafat is alive.

    Then again, I suppose it doesn't truly matter. What counts is what replaces him atop the Palestinian Authority and if the P.L.O. can finally be disbanded.

  • Opposition to/fear of homosexual marriage is not what reelected the President, at least not to a great degree. (It may have been a small part of a general desire for our leadership to have a decent moral code, as measured by voters.) All such talk comes from the liberal press trying to blame the President's reelection on their stereotypical southern rubes.

    The conclusion that this was the main issue of the minds of Bush voters came from data extrapolated in… EXIT POLLING. Such polling has been repeatedly exposed as unreliable.

    I think voters wanted to elect someone they thought could protect us from dangerous foreign elements. That was my chief concern, as well. Not every American wants to write marriage into our government's charter.


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