PRE-FACE – Sunday, November 14, 2004

Good morning.

  • The Washington Post editorially opines this morning that the nation might not be as politically divided as it has been portrayed.
    First, the good news. More voters on Election Day described themselves as moderate than as liberal or conservative. Many professed compromise positions on supposedly divisive issues.
    This news is good? That we have a large segment of the electorate which is politically and morally apathetic is a sign that all hope is not lost?

    America's greatness has never been borne by its unwashed, uninformed, unaffected center.

  • Pro dizzbot and adulterer Amber Frey has proclaimed that mass murderer Scott Peterson's life should be spared, her daddy told the NY Post. Duly noted, but so what?

    Knight-Ridder reports that the prosecution will describe Peterson as a "manipulative, selfish, callous man who murdered his wife and their unborn child and destroyed the lives of so many others."

    If California does not execute that man, they ought not to have the penalty on the books. Wipe it off and spare the pretense.

  • Some things are good in the world. Brian from Toomfoolery of the Highest Order posts a jpeg of his cousin Jaime, stationed in Iraq, next to a large American flag affixed to the wall next to him, smiling with a twinkle and holding the bottle of Southern Comfort he received as a gift from Brian.

    Men like Jaime are walking the walk, making history. Have a drink on me!

  • Here come the Sunday shows…


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