PRE-FACE - Saturday, November 6, 2004

  • White House Chief of Staff Andy Card and Dina Powell, director of presidential personnel, staged a conference call Friday with agency heads and their White House liaisons to assure them that there would be no willy-nilly, mass firings. It's the President and his consistency.

    No word on whether Card and Powell would keep their jobs, and I've heard no speculation about who would replace them.

    [ADDENDUM: Erick at Confessions of a Political Junkie has heard that card is going, to be replaced by OMB's Josh Bolton. He has also heard a rumor that Ed Gillespie is leaving the RNC and that Ken Mehlman will move into that spot.]

  • Senator Dick Durbinm Democrat of Illinois, tells the world that lots of Senate Dems are planning to cast their votes for him as the next Senate Democratic whip, replacing Nevada's Harry Reid.

    Reid, of course, plans to move up to the minority leader's post after Tom Daschle was shown the door on Tuesday. Speaking of Daschle and doors, it was exactly a decade ago that then-Speaker Tom Foley was cast out of Congress by the voter' in his Washington district in the Contract election.

    The Democrats are losing their leadership.

  • Do they turn to Hillary? Toe-sucker Dick Morris would have us believe so, as it helps him write and sell books, but what chance does Senator Rodham-Clinton have to become our next President? Absolutely none. The Red States stay red, and of the Kerry States – we can stop calling them "Gore States," she would probably lose at least Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Our chances of having another President Clinton are next to zero.

    She's far more polarizing on a lot more levels than was Goldwater in '64.


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