PRE-FACE – Saturday, November 27, 2004

Good morning.

  • There are interesting names and there are really kewl names. Filling the rotating role of the European Union presidency, Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot stipulated that the only solution for the Ukraine, given their flawed elections, is to hold new elections by the end of the year. It is not clear what Bot and the EU would want if the pro-Soviet Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych beats his pro-European rival again.

    The Ukranian parliament has passed a resolution saying that the results of last Sunday's election were no good.

  • In an analysis, the Washington Post excoriates Speaker Hastert for, it asserts, "running the House virtually as a one-party institution," allowing a few Republican Congressmen to overrule the will of the majority of both parties. The argument is that the Democrats were gracious, and he offers one little incident as "proof."

    As Speaker, though, Hastert knows not to steamroll the concerns of several high-ranking committee chairmen simply to pass a dangerous bill drafted by a partisan, unelected (9-11) commission.

  • Between outpatient chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist will miss the Supreme Court's December session. January 7 will be his 33rd anniversary on the Court, and the man is 80-years-old. This is an era which is near its end, and with Snarlin' Arlen if ankle weights and manacles, the President should be able to get enough Dem support to break a filibuster and get the country a Chief Justice Clarence Thomas. (The Anita Hill allegations having long since been dismissed as nonsense.)


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