PRE-FACE – Saturday, November 20, 2004

  • I was unable to post last night's AFTER-WORD until this morning, so it's new – if not entirely fresh. See it right below this post.

  • I can add that Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said last Wednesday that he called Vice President Dick Cheney urging the veep to hire Iowa native Allen Johnson as Ag Secretary, replacing the irreplaceable Ann Venemann.

    I won't go into Johnson's qualifications, the fineness of Grassley's sentiment, or a repetition of my own sentiment that the Ag Department ought to be shut down with nails through the shutters. Instead, I'll ask why the Senator called Cheney, not the President or Karl Rove

    I'll add that we ought to be pulling for the President to select Senator Ben Nelson, the Nebraska Democrat. Governor Mike Johann's (R) would name the replacement.


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