PRE-FACE – Monday, November 8, 2004

Good morning.

  • The Bush bashers at the New York Times have carted out former CIA-man, and new book author, Michael Scheuer, to argue that the Bush Administration fails to understand that al Qaeda has evolved from a traditional terrorist group into a global Islamic insurgency.

    Actually, the administration understands this almost completely. It was JF Kerry who wanted to hunt 'em down and arrest them as if they were an organized crime outfit, and to end the war on terror by killing Osama bin Laden.

    But Kerry-bashing books won't sell for Scheuer. He's yesterday's news.

  • New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey will continue to try to make the world think that he resigned because he was gay in a cruel world when he delivers his farewell address on Monday.

  • John Fund looks at what went wrong for the GOP last Tuesday in Monday's Wall Street Journal: "Democrats did well in the AAA league of politics, the state legislatures."

    And there are lessons to be learned.


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